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The Design and Impact of Remote Professional Development on Computer Science Instructional Coaching and Teaching in Chicago Public Schools During COVID-19

This report presents outcomes of a professional development series for high school ECS teachers in CPS to develop processes and actions to mitigate the impact of remote instruction on students’ access to high-quality and equitable computer science.
Dec 2022

Becoming through Being: Dewey’s Relevance to Educating for the Future of Work

In this chapter, the authors apply John Dewey's philosophy to critique modern standards-based reform movements and outline how Dewey's philosophy can help us reorient our educational aims to prepare students for the future of work.
Jan 2022

Qubit by Qubit’s Four-Week Quantum Computing Summer School Evaluation Report for 2021

This report details the findings from Qubit by Qubit's Quantum Computing Summer School in Summer of 2021, including increased knowledge regarding quantum computing anan increase in expectancy of being successful in quantum computing.
Sep 2021

Exploring ECS Teacher Persistence and Attrition in Chicago Public Schools

The authors analyzed factors that predict teacher persistence in teaching Exploring Computer Science from the 2016 to 2020 school years. The authors found that an important factor was active participation in the ECS professional development program.
Aug 2021

Qubit by Qubit’s Middle School Quantum Camp Evaluation Report for Summer 2021

This report details the findings from Qubit by Qubit's Middle School Quantum Camp in Summer of 2021, including increased participant knowledge, student motivation increase, and student interest in STEM and quantum computing.
Aug 2021

Assessing computational thinking: an overview of the field

Steven McGee was part of an editorial team for a special issue on assessing computation thinking. This article is the editorial and overview of the special issue.
May 2021

Research-Practice Partnership Strategies to Conduct and Use Research to Inform Practice

This study examines the collaborative processes that CAFÉCS uses to conduct and use research.
Apr 2021

Computer Science Teachers as Change Agents for Broadening Participation: Exploring Perceptions of Equity

In this paper, the authors share findings from a qualitative analysis of computer science teachers’ perspectives about equity within the context of the Exploring Computer Science equity-focused professional development program.
Apr 2021

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