Through long-term partnerships with schools, districts, and community organizations, The Learning Partnership collaboratively engages in rigorous research that both informs solutions and contributes to educational theory. This section provides an archive of The Learning Partnership's publications. The publications can be filtered by partnership, research area, author, keyword, and type.

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The Design and Impact of Remote Professional Development on Computer Science Instructional Coaching and Teaching in Chicago Public Schools During COVID-19

This report presents outcomes of a professional development series for high school ECS teachers in CPS to develop processes and actions to mitigate the impact of remote instruction on students’ access to high-quality and equitable computer science.
Dec 2022

Tools to support thinking and regulating scientific inquiry

This poster presentation summarizes the development of two key tools that were developed to support the development of scientific arguments.
Jun 2022

Hybrid/Online ECS: An Equity-Focused Credit Recovery Course

This RESPECT conference experience report describes the development of a hybrid version of Exploring Computer Science to support credit recovery.
May 2022

Overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Program

Luquillo Schoolyard educators provide an overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard program. The Luquillo schoolyard activities are organized developmentally to support the growth of scientific practices from upper elementary to high school.
Apr 2022

Using the Science of Hurricane Resilience to Foster the Development of Student Understanding and Appreciation for Science in Puerto Rico

This paper describes a study of the implementation of Journey to El Yunque in Puerto Rico. The results provide evidence that engaging students in the practices of ecology predicted increased understanding of population dynamics.
Mar 2022

Scaffolding Scientific Argumentation in a Science Inquiry Unit

Teachers implemented a scaffold for supporting evaluating and sorting of evidence. The Evidence Sorter helps students make more evidence-reasoning connections in the evidence-sorter tool, which led to increased use of reasoning in the final essay.
Mar 2022

Becoming through Being: Dewey’s Relevance to Educating for the Future of Work

In this chapter, the authors apply John Dewey's philosophy to critique modern standards-based reform movements and outline how Dewey's philosophy can help us reorient our educational aims to prepare students for the future of work.
Jan 2022

Qubit by Qubit’s Four-Week Quantum Computing Summer School Evaluation Report for 2021

This report details the findings from Qubit by Qubit's Quantum Computing Summer School in Summer of 2021, including increased knowledge regarding quantum computing anan increase in expectancy of being successful in quantum computing.
Sep 2021

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