Through long-term partnerships with schools, districts, and community organizations, The Learning Partnership collaboratively engages in rigorous research that both informs solutions and contributes to educational theory. This section provides an archive of The Learning Partnership's publications. The publications can be filtered by partnership, research area, author, keyword, and type.

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Balancing teachers’ needs in times of crisis: investigating how computer science instructional coaches and teachers navigated remote professional development during COVID-19

This study investigated how Chicago Public Schools (CPS) computer science (CS) teachers and instructional coaches navigated remote professional development (PD) during the pandemic.
Feb 2024

Pathways and Pipeline and the Growing Pains of Creating a Computer Science Pathway

The following research article explores four high school students’ experience with computer science in the Milwaukee Public School system.
Nov 2023

Investigating the Equity Imperative in High School Computer Science Curriculum for Latinx Students

The goal of this qualitative research is to understand equitable teaching practices of computer science classrooms in the Chicago Public Schools through the video analysis specifically for the Latinx students.
Nov 2023

Code, Clicks, and Classrooms: Exploring the Learning Behaviors of Users

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of user engagement data from the platform, with a focus on both student and teacher interactions.
Sep 2023

Measuring Computer Science Success in Chicago Public Schools and Milwaukee Public Schools

This webinar is the culminating event of the 2023 CAFÉCS/PUMP-CS Summer Research Fellowship. It was an opportunity to highlight important research on computer science education and recognize the hard work and dedication of our educators and students.
Aug 2023

The Effect of Computer Science Course-Taking on Science Outcomes in Chicago Public Schools Effect of CS on Science Grades

This report examines the relationship between completion of computer science coursework and performance in high school science classes.
Jul 2023

Scientific communities of practice: K–12 outreach model around organism responses to repeated hurricane disturbances

Collaboration between ecologists and learning scientists can give rise to powerful models for scientific outreach. Learning scientists and ecologists codesigned a science curriculum that invites students to join an ecological community of practice.
Jul 2023

Designing Educative Tools for Scientific Argumentation: A Case Study of DBR Before and During the Pandemic

Designing Educative Tools for Scientific Argumentation: A Case Study of DBR Before and During the Pandemic.
Jul 2023

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