About the Learning Partnership

What we do. Our mission is to promote STEM equity and educational excellence by building school district capacity for continuous improvement to engage, inspire and elevate all students. Through our long-term partnerships with schools, districts, and community organizations, we collaboratively engage in rigorous research that both informs solutions and contributes to educational theory.

Why we do it. It’s our passion. Together, in partnership with schools, districts, scientists, parents, and teachers, equity and excellence for all students can be achieved.

How we do it differently. We have a long-term, collaborative approach to our partnerships. We work closely with community members, bridging the gap between research and practice to help everyone thrive—from the school district through to the individual student.


Meet The Team

At The Learning Partnership, we all come to work everyday because we are passionate about improving student outcomes and want to affect change at the classroom, school, district and state levels. Our team is astute, hard-working and collaborative. If you are a self-starter who longs to make a difference in education, you’ll fit right in here. We are always looking for experts in education research and people who bring a diverse perspective to the table. Our work environment is ever-changing, tight-knit and inclusive - we value your opinions and insights, and encourage you to voice them.

The Learning Partnership is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.