Scaffolding Scientific Argumentation in a Science Inquiry Unit

March 29, 2022


Kathryn E. Rupp

Northern Illinois University

Karyn Higgs

Northern Illinois University

M. Anne Britt

Northern Illinois University

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

Randi McGee-Tekula

The Learning Partnership

Kathleen M. Easley

The Learning Partnership

Evaluating and using evidence to support a claim and providing reasoning to demonstrate why the evidence supports a claim can be a challenging practice for students to learn. In the context of an inquiry task across a science unit, we tested an evidence-sorter tool that helps students to organize and reason with evidence to support their selected claim in a unit culminating argument essay. We found that the number of evidence-reasoning pairings that students provided on their evidence-sorter tool significantly positively predicted the number of evidence-reasoning pairs in the final essay. These results suggest that helping students make more evidence-reasoning connections in the evidence-sorter tool should lead to an increased use of reasoning in the final essay.


Suggested Citation

Rupp, K. E., Higgs, K., Britt, M. A., McGee, S., McGee-Tekula, R., & Easley, K. M. (2022, March 27-30). Scaffolding Scientific Argumentation in a Science Inquiry Unit [Poster Presentation]. National Association of Research in Science Teaching. Toronto, CA.

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