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Broadening Participation and Success in AP CS A

This paper examines the student- and teacher-level factors that affect student outcomes on the AP CS-A exam. In particular, it highlights the benefit of taking ECS as a foundation for success in AP CS-A.
Dec 2020
Student studying at home

Examining Equity in Remote Learning Plans: A Content Analysis of State Responses to COVID-19

As schools nationwide continue to grapple with the consequences of COVID-19, The Learning Partnership has released a report on how state education agencies have been addressing equity in their remote learning guidance.
Nov 2020

Entrepreneurship, Federalism, and Chicago: Setting the Computer Science Agenda at the Local and National Levels

This AERA paper provides a preliminary report on how local and national policy entrepreneurs created an environment that was favorable to the landmark decision by the Chicago Public Schools to enact a computer science graduation requirement.
Jun 2020

Attending to issues of Equity in Evaluating Research-Practice Partnership Outcomes

This paper highlights the importance of integrating equity throughout the design of a research-practice partnership.
Sep 2019

Research Methods for Reaching Urban Students from Groups Underrepresented in STEM Disciplines

This book chapter charts lessons learned from the CAFÉCS partnership and recommends strategies for conducting research in urban settings.
Sep 2019

Chicago Alliance for Equity in Computer Science (CAFÉCS): Cycles of Improvement

The CAFÉCS leadership team presented a poster about the CAFÉCS problem solving process at the Inaugural Symposium on Computer Science and Learning Sciences at Northwestern University.
Apr 2019

An Examination of Factors Correlating with Course Failure in a High School Computer Science Course

This paper examines the importance of professional development and teacher experience in supporting student success in the Exploring Computer Science curriculum.
Aug 2018

Does Exploring Computer Science Increase Computer Science Enrollment?

This study investigated the impact of the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program on the likelihood that students of all races and gender would pursue further computer science coursework in high school.
Apr 2018

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