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Teacher Preparation and Student Participation in a GIS-Focused Computer Science Unit Impact Students’ Geospatial Thinking

This AERA paper describes the impact of GIS-based version of the ECS Unit 5 data unit on students' spatial reasoning.
Apr 2024

Assessing Chicago Public School Students’ Computer Science Knowledge: Applying a Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment

This summer fellowship report presents the results of the application of Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling to the ECS pre and post assessments as well as the spatial reasoning assessment from the Geospatial Semester project.
Sep 2023

Students’ Perceived Expectancy, Value, and Cost of Computer Science after Participation in a GIS-Infused Unit

Students participated in a GIS-focused unit in their computer science (CS) course. Students’ geospatial problem-solving skills increased after the GIS unit.
Apr 2023

Scaffolding Scientific Argumentation in a Science Inquiry Unit

Teachers implemented a scaffold for supporting evaluating and sorting of evidence. The Evidence Sorter helps students make more evidence-reasoning connections in the evidence-sorter tool, which led to increased use of reasoning in the final essay.
Mar 2022

Becoming through Being: Dewey’s Relevance to Educating for the Future of Work

In this chapter, the authors apply John Dewey's philosophy to critique modern standards-based reform movements and outline how Dewey's philosophy can help us reorient our educational aims to prepare students for the future of work.
Jan 2022

Spreading GIS-Infused Instruction: A Cross-Case Comparison of Two Instructional Approaches

This paper examines how GIS-infused instruction is adapted in different contexts, and illustrates the relationships among organizational context, individual and collective context, and instructional practice in spreading GIS-infused instruction.
Mar 2021

Discussion & Analysis: Spatial Reasoning Assessment

This is a complete Rasch multi-faceted analysis performed on the Spatial Reasoning Assessment. Overall, the instrument works together as a functional assessment, capturing the general construct of Spatial Reasoning.
Jan 2021

Laying the Foundation for a Spatial Reasoning Researcher-Practitioner Partnership with CPS, SILC, and The Learning Partnership

This final report of the NU-CPS Rapid Impacts Grant explains how differences in spatial reasoning skills by gender, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status can be improved through early instructional intervention.
Sep 2020

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