Design-based Research in GIS-Infused Disciplinary Courses: Toward a Design Framework

June 22, 2020


Katherine James

Northwestern University

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

David Uttal

Northwestern University

Bob Kolvoord

James Madison University

Geographic information systems (GIS) is valuable as a teaching and learning tool and will play a key role in the careers of current K-12 students. However, little work has been done to understand effective approaches to integrating GIS into content instruction. In this paper, we discuss the adaptation of the Learning for Use model, a framework for the design of technology-supported, content-driven inquiry tasks, for the context of GIS-infused content courses. Using a design-based research approach, we developed a set of design principles that reflect key elements of effective GIS-driven content instruction, which guided the adaptation of the design framework. The goal of this work is to develop a set of supports to scaffold the co-design and implementation of GIS-infused content courses that will inform a general design model of infusing GIS into content courses.

Research Areas

Suggested Citation

James, K., McGee, S., Uttal, D., and Kolvoord, B (2020, June 20-22). Design-based research in GIS-infused disciplinary courses: Toward a design framework [Paper presentation]. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2020 Online Conference.

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