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Measuring Computer Science Success in Chicago Public Schools and Milwaukee Public Schools

This webinar is the culminating event of the 2023 CAFÉCS/PUMP-CS Summer Research Fellowship. It was an opportunity to highlight important research on computer science education and recognize the hard work and dedication of our educators and students.
Aug 2023

Investigating How Computer Science Teachers and Instructional Coaches Navigated Remote Professional Development During COVID-19: Implications for Instructional Coaching, Teacher Learning, and Qualitative Inquiry in (Post?)-Pandemic Times

This paper investigates how Chicago Public Schools computer science teachers and instructional coaches navigated remote professional development during the pandemic.
May 2023

The Design and Impact of Remote Professional Development on Computer Science Instructional Coaching and Teaching in Chicago Public Schools During COVID-19

This report presents outcomes of a professional development series for high school ECS teachers in CPS to develop processes and actions to mitigate the impact of remote instruction on students’ access to high-quality and equitable computer science.
Dec 2022
Journal of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Building Strength in Chicago: Setting the Local and National Computer Science Agendas. 

The research that we conducted for this article proposes a new theory that highlights how idea champions in Chicago engaged in policy-making efforts to enact the first of its kind computer science graduation requirement.
Oct 2022

Becoming through Being: Dewey’s Relevance to Educating for the Future of Work

In this chapter, the authors apply John Dewey's philosophy to critique modern standards-based reform movements and outline how Dewey's philosophy can help us reorient our educational aims to prepare students for the future of work.
Jan 2022
Student studying at home

Examining Equity in Remote Learning Plans: A Content Analysis of State Responses to COVID-19

As schools nationwide continue to grapple with the consequences of COVID-19, The Learning Partnership has released a report on how state education agencies have been addressing equity in their remote learning guidance.
Nov 2020
Student studying at home

Equity in State Remote Learning Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As schools nationwide continue to grapple with the consequences of COVID-19, The Learning Partnership has released a policy brief and equity framework exploring the extent to which equity is being addressed in state remote learning guidelines.
Aug 2020

Entrepreneurship, Federalism, and Chicago: Setting the Computer Science Agenda at the Local and National Levels

This AERA paper provides a preliminary report on how local and national policy entrepreneurs created an environment that was favorable to the landmark decision by the Chicago Public Schools to enact a computer science graduation requirement.
Jun 2020