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Becoming through Being: Dewey’s Relevance to Educating for the Future of Work

In this chapter, the authors apply John Dewey's philosophy to critique modern standards-based reform movements and outline how Dewey's philosophy can help us reorient our educational aims to prepare students for the future of work.
Jan 2022

Exploring ECS Teacher Persistence and Attrition in Chicago Public Schools

The authors analyzed factors that predict teacher persistence in teaching Exploring Computer Science from the 2016 to 2020 school years. The authors found that an important factor was active participation in the ECS professional development program.
Aug 2021
Group of professionals gather around a table working together

Supporting Teachers for Computer Science Reform

This brief summarizes research indicating that full completion of the ECS professional development program by teachers from any discipline leads to much higher student outcomes, independent of whether a teacher is certified in computer science.
Feb 2021

An Examination of Factors Correlating with Course Failure in a High School Computer Science Course

This paper examines the importance of professional development and teacher experience in supporting student success in the Exploring Computer Science curriculum.
Aug 2018

Getting Students Jazzed about Critical Zone: Engaging Students in Authentic Inquiry through Data Jam

Critical Zone science provides a rich context for middle and high school students in Puerto Rico to investigate their own questions about a recent drought and historical storm events through the Luquillo Schoolyard Data Jam.
Oct 2017

Does a Taste of Computing Increase Computer Science Enrollment?

This study shows that students find the Exploring Computer Science course personally relevant, leading to increased expectancy and value for computer science, and increased likelihood of students pursuing additional computer science courses.
Jun 2017

Evaluation of Journey to El Yunque: Final Report

This evaluative report details the original Journey to El Yunque curriculum with findings that it is a well-designed curriculum. Journey to El Yunque students scored significantly higher on the posttest than comparison students.
Dec 2006

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