Qubit by Qubit’s Four-Week Quantum Computing Summer School Evaluation Report for 2021

September 1, 2021


John Wachen

The Learning Partnership

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

Qubit by Qubit’s Quantum Computing Summer School is a four-week summer course for high school and university students in their first or second year of studies. The aim of the summer school is to introduce the field of Quantum Information Sciences and Engineering (QISE), specifically quantum computing. Through the course, students learn about quantum mechanics, quantum computation and information (quantum gates, circuits, and algorithms and protocols, including Grover’s Algorithm and Quantum Key Distribution), applications of quantum computing, and quantum hardware. Students also learn how to program in Qiskit and basic mathematics for quantum, including matrices and vectors. 

The Quantum Computing Summer School program enrolled a diverse population of high school and undergraduate students with 48% of participants identifying at female or non-binary, 20% of students identifying as Hispanic, 17% identifying as Black, and 38% identifying as Asian. The program substantially increased participants’ knowledge about quantum computing, as exhibited by large gains on a technical assessment that was administered at the beginning and end of the program. On a survey of student motivation, students in the program showed a statistically significant increase in their expectancy of being successful in quantum computing and valuing quantum computing. From the beginning of the program to the end of the program, there was a statistically significant increase in students’ reported sense of belonging in quantum. Participation in the program increased students’ interest in pursuing additional coursework and careers in STEM generally and in quantum specifically. 

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Suggested Citation

Wachen, J. & McGee, S. (2021, September). Qubit by Qubit’s Four-Week Quantum Computing Summer School Evaluation Report for 2021. https://doi.org/10.51420/report.2021.4

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