Hybrid/Online ECS: An Equity-Focused Credit Recovery Course

May 24, 2022


Mark Johnson

The Learning Partnership

Gail Chapman

Exploring Computer Science

Lucia Dettori

DePaul University

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

Kirsten Peterson


Andrew Rasmussen

Chicago Public Schools

During the 2018–19 and 2020–21 school years, a research-practice partnership in a large urban school district engaged in research and development focused on creating a more equitable form of credit recovery for Exploring Computer Science (ECS). The following experience report provides an overview of the design elements used for the hybrid/online ECS program and presents findings from the piloting of the course that can help inform future thinking about hybrid learning and fostering equity in credit recovery for computer science.

Suggested Citation

Johnson, M., Chapman, G., Dettori, L., McGee, S., Peterson, K., & Rasmussen, A. (2022, May). Hybrid/Online ECS: An Equity-Focused Credit Recovery Course [Paper presentation]. RESPECT annual conference. Philadelphia, PA.

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