Evaluation of Journey to El Yunque: Final Report

December 1, 2006


Angela Haydel DeBarger

SRI International

Geneva Haertel

SRI International

This report describes the design, implementation and outcomes of the initial version of the NSF-funded Journey to El Yunque curriculum, released in 2005. As formative evaluators, the role of SRI International was to document the development of the curriculum and to collect empirical evidence on the impact of the intervention on student achievement. The evaluation answers four research questions:

  1. How well does the Journey to El Yunque curriculum and accompanying assessments align with the National Science Education Standards for content and inquiry?
  2. How do teachers rate the effectiveness of the professional development workshop in teaching them to use the Journey to El Yunque curriculum and assessment materials?
  3. How do teachers implement the Journey to El Yunque curriculum?
  4. To what extent does the Journey to El Yunque curriculum increase students’ understanding ofecology and scientific inquiry abilities?

The evaluators concluded that Journey to El Yunque is a well-designed curriculum and assessment replacement unit that addresses important science content and inquiry skills. The curriculum and assessments are aligned to life science content standards and key ecological concepts, and materials cover a broad range of these standards and concepts. Journey to El Yunque students scored significantly higher on the posttest than students learning ecology from traditional means with effect size 0.20.

Suggested Citation

DeBarger, A. H. & Haertel. G. (2006, December). Evaluation of Journey to El Yunque: Final Report. The Learning Partnership. https://doi.org/10.51420/report.2006.1

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