Discussion & Analysis: Spatial Reasoning Assessment

January 27, 2021


Gregory Stone

Metriks Amérique

A complete Rasch multi-faceted analysis was performed on the draft Spatial Reasoning Assessment. While the psychometric report presents the complete analysis for the examination, this discussion proceeds step-by-step to understand the way in which the analysis proceeded, and the findings therein.

The findings were that holistically, the instrument performed admirably. As a pretest, it is likely that students were not expected to demonstrate certain reasoning skills (e.g., GIS) as indeed they did not. The rating scale functions well to capture the examiner judgement. Overall, the instrument works together as a functional assessment, capturing the general construct of Spatial Reasoning.

Research Areas

Suggested Citation

Stone, G. (2021, January). Discussion & analysis: Spatial reasoning assessment [Report]. The Learning  Partnership. https://doi.org/10.51420/report.2021.2

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