Code, Clicks, and Classrooms: Exploring the Learning Behaviors of Users

September 7, 2023


Rachel Zhou

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of user engagement data from the platform, with a focus on both student and teacher interactions. The goal is to uncover patterns and trends that offer valuable insights into how students engage with These findings aim to assist stakeholders like educators and platform developers in making data-driven decisions to improve engagement and learning outcomes.

Through narrative, visualizations, and code, this report explores the dataset to identify key trends and derive meaningful implications. The subsequent sections provide an in-depth yet accessible analysis, starting with exploratory overviews and building to more advanced statistical interpretations.

By diving into the chapters within, readers can uncover the stories hidden in the data – stories that illuminate the intricate dynamics shaping the user experience. The insights gleaned serve as a compass for stakeholders seeking to enhance platform effectiveness and foster engaging learning for all users.


Research Areas


Suggested Citation

Zhou, R., (2023, August). Code, Clicks, and Classrooms: Exploring the Learning Behaviors of Users [Report]. Chicago, IL: The Learning Partnership.

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