Attending to issues of Equity in Evaluating Research-Practice Partnership Outcomes

September 20, 2019


Erin Henrick

Partner to Improve

Steven McGee

The Learning Partnership

William Penuel

University of Colorado, Boulder

Two vital issues for research-practice partnerships (RPPs) are equity and effectiveness. Many RPPs are working to address issues of equity, though the forms this work takes vary widely across RPPs, and many RPPs are developing means of measuring their effectiveness, though, again, the process can vary significantly across partnerships. Here we argue that equity and effectiveness are, in fact, two concepts that should be considered in tandem, in so far as an “effective” partnership is one that attends to issues of equity. In particular, we examine how RPPs can consider equity goals prioritized by their partnership using the 5 dimensions of RPP effectiveness framework, a framework born of a study funded by the William T. Grant Foundation to develop dimensions for assessing education RPPs. During the 2019 NNERPP, we prepared and led a breakout session offering a closer look at the five dimensions and discussed with participants how each implicitly addresses one or more facets of equity. This article highlights what we discussed and learned during the session.



Suggested Citation

Henrick, E., McGee, S., & Penuel, W. (2019). Attending to issues of Equity in Evaluating Research-Practice Partnership Outcomes. NNERPP Extra 1(3), 9-13.

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