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Scientific communities of practice: K–12 outreach model around organism responses to repeated hurricane disturbances

Collaboration between ecologists and learning scientists can give rise to powerful models for scientific outreach. Learning scientists and ecologists codesigned a science curriculum that invites students to join an ecological community of practice.
Jul 2023

Designing Educative Tools for Scientific Argumentation: A Case Study of DBR Before and During the Pandemic

Designing Educative Tools for Scientific Argumentation: A Case Study of DBR Before and During the Pandemic.
Jul 2023

Examining Student Perceptions of Accountable Disciplinary Knowledge in their Science Class Versus Data Jam

This paper discusses a collective case study with middle and high-school students regarding their perceptions of Accountable Disciplinary Knowledge (ADK) between their science class versus the research experience known as Data Jam, in Puerto Rico.
Apr 2023

Supporting Teacher Learning in Data Jam: A design-based research of Teacher Professional Development Model

The paper discusses the development and research of a professional development model to support teachers in Puerto Rico in engaging middle/high school students in independent data analysis research projects, using ecological data, known as Data Jam
Apr 2023

Overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Program

Luquillo Schoolyard educators provide an overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard program. The Luquillo schoolyard activities are organized developmentally to support the growth of scientific practices from upper elementary to high school.
Apr 2022

Using the Science of Hurricane Resilience to Foster the Development of Student Understanding and Appreciation for Science in Puerto Rico

This paper describes a study of the implementation of Journey to El Yunque in Puerto Rico. The results provide evidence that engaging students in the practices of ecology predicted increased understanding of population dynamics.
Mar 2022

Designing educative supports for scientific argumentation: a case study of DBR before and during the pandemic

In this paper, we share our ongoing design-based research focused on developing an educative support to scaffold student task modeling and scientific argumentation, in the context of NGSS-aligned middle school science curricula.
Mar 2021

Engaging Middle School Students in Authentic Scientific Practices Can Enhance Their Understanding of Ecosystem Response to Hurricane Disturbance

This article describes research on the educational benefit of placing students in the authentic of a scientist as they investigate the phenomena of ecosystem disturbance using Journey to El Yunque.
Oct 2018

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