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Equal Outcomes 4 All: A Study of Student Learning in ECS

This study investigated patterns in the development of computational thinking practices in the context of the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) program, a high school introductory CS course and professional development program.
Feb 2018

Does a Taste of Computing Increase Computer Science Enrollment?

This study shows that students find the Exploring Computer Science course personally relevant, leading to increased expectancy and value for computer science, and increased likelihood of students pursuing additional computer science courses.
Jun 2017

Does a Focus on Modeling and Explanation of Molecular Interactions 
Impact Student Learning and Identity?

This conference paper presents the results of the evaluation of the Interactions curriculum. The extent of teacher implementation of model-based reasoning practices in Interactions correlated with growth in understanding of molecular interactions.
Apr 2017

Evaluation of the IMPACTS Computer Science Presentations

This article describes an evaluation of the IMPACTS program designed to demystify the field of computer science and inspire students to pursue computing opportunities.
Jul 2013