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Examining Student Perceptions of Accountable Disciplinary Knowledge in their Science Class Versus Data Jam

This paper discusses a collective case study with middle and high-school students regarding their perceptions of Accountable Disciplinary Knowledge (ADK) between their science class versus the research experience known as Data Jam, in Puerto Rico.
Apr 2023

Supporting Teacher Learning in Data Jam: A design-based research of Teacher Professional Development Model

The paper discusses the development and research of a professional development model to support teachers in Puerto Rico in engaging middle/high school students in independent data analysis research projects, using ecological data, known as Data Jam
Apr 2023

Overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Program

Luquillo Schoolyard educators provide an overview of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard program. The Luquillo schoolyard activities are organized developmentally to support the growth of scientific practices from upper elementary to high school.
Apr 2022

Data Jams: Promoting data literacy and science engagement while encouraging creativity

This article introduces the Data Jam model which has spread across the country and is most often sponsored by long-term ecological research (LTER) sites belonging to a network funded by the National Science Foundation.
Sep 2018

Getting Students Jazzed about Critical Zone: Engaging Students in Authentic Inquiry through Data Jam

Critical Zone science provides a rich context for middle and high school students in Puerto Rico to investigate their own questions about a recent drought and historical storm events through the Luquillo Schoolyard Data Jam.
Oct 2017
Drought research

Drought in the Critical Zone: Engaging students in authentic inquiry through Data Jam

This article examines how a severe drought in Puerto Rico provided a rich context for high school students to investigate their own questions about weather and climate through a teaching strategy called Data Jam.
Jan 2016