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Bill Gates’ Think Week

By Steven McGee | Mar 28, 2005

When I graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in education and computer programming, I was invited to interview with…

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Funding Inspiration Research

By Steven McGee | Feb 10, 2005

One of the most fundamental aspects of implementing an agenda that looks at how inspiration happens is funding. It is…

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Explorers: A White Paper

By Steven McGee | Feb 9, 2005

I have pasted below a white paper that I have started. I attempt to define what it means to inspire…

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Partner Spotlight: Q&A with Shadia Daniels

By Claire Cronin |

Shadia Daniels is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business and IT Cluster Manager at Chicago Public Schools. She works in partnership with the Geospatial Semester Project to bring GIS to the IT and business clusters. In honor of February being CTE month, Shadia sat down with Claire Cronin to discuss the various pathways and opportunities offered to students through the department.

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