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The Learning Partnership and CAFÉCS celebrate CPS

By Steven McGee | Dec 10, 2020

In honor of CS Ed Week, we celebrate the success of CPS in bringing computer science to all students in the district. We highlight The Learning Partnership’s research that supports the effort.

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Employee Spotlight: Q&A with John Wachen

By Claire Cronin | Dec 9, 2020

In honor of CS Education Week, we spotlight John Wachen, one of our postdoctoral researchers who focuses on computer science education policy.

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Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Mark Johnson

By Claire Cronin | Dec 2, 2020

Mark Johnson is a postdoctoral education researcher at The Learning Partnership in Chicago. In this interview with Claire Cronin, Mark discusses his journey from his beginnings as a Special Education teacher, developing a strong interest in education policy research, and eventually completing a Ph.D. program and joining the team at The Learning Partnership.

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National Special Education Day: Equity in Remote Learning for Diverse Learners

By Mark Johnson | Dec 2, 2020

Today is National Special Education day. Mark Johnson discusses the importance of focusing on the needs of special education students during the pandemic.

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Happy STEM Education Day

By Steven McGee | Nov 8, 2020

The Learning Partnership celebrates STEM Education Day today. This blog contains descriptions of STEM education resources and research from The Learning Partnership.

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Teacher Spotlight: Q&A With Stephanie Morales

By Claire Cronin | Oct 15, 2020

Stephanie Morales is a 7th grade science teacher at John W. Garvy Elementary School in the Chicago Public Schools. Claire Cronin talked with Stephanie about her Puerto Rican heritage and her experiences with Journey to El Yunque.

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