Summertime Chi!

Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to enhance your summer fun experience in Chicago.

Summertime is finally here in Chicago and considering that Chicago summer sun disappears on us for nine months out of the year,  it’s time to soak her up as much as we possibly can! Despite the pandemic still being very much upon us, we can still have a lot of fun outside thanks to that glorious sunshine.

I recently moved to a different neighborhood and wanted to know what is now all within walking distance of me. I can only walk about 30-45 minutes in the hot sun before needing to take a break. And while I can use Google Maps to help me out with what’s around me, I decided to make a map using ArcGIS to create a visual that I can continually refer to when trying to decide my route. I decided to explore and see if my favorite parks and restaurants, and any family or friends, were within walking distance of my new home.

A close up of a map

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My Walking Map to help me explore my new home!

As you can see on my map, there are three different colors to indicate different walking times: green indicates a 20 minute walk, red a 30 minute walk and blue a 45 minute walk. After I calculated those walk times, I discovered that I have some friends and family (white flags) close by, and even discovered some of my favorite parks (green flags) and places to eat (pizza shapes) are also within walking distance of me! I cannot  wait to go and visit all the places I have marked on my map and continue to discover new places I can walk to while I enjoy this summer! Through walking around my neighborhood, I have been able to discover new places that I have added to my map. If you would like to make a map of your own, I have included 2 documents to help get you started. Happy exploring!