Create a Coquí Data Story

In the rainforests of Puerto Rico dwells a beloved species of frog – the coquí. This tiny tree frog dines on insects and serenades the rainforest at night. 

Listen to the sounds of the coquí

One of the biggest threats this creature faces are hurricanes. Along with droughts and landslides, hurricanes are a significant disturbance in the rainforests of Puerto Rico. Click here to see different images of how the rainforest is affected, and write down your observations about each of the three pictures. In this activity, you will learn more about the coquí’s ecosystem and what factors directly and indirectly impact its population. 

To begin, click on the resources below for background information about the coquí and to access the population modeling tool. Then, use the information from the modeling tool to create an explanation – a data story – about how the coquí survive following a hurricane.


Background about Coqui
Coqui Population Modeling

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